The Agenda

Confirmed Speakers Include:

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8:45 AM

Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks


Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Associate Partner, Talent & Transformation, IBM


9:00 AM

Keynote: The Impact Of Digital On The Future of Work


  • What are the key trends impacting the Future of Work?
  • How is Digital accelerating this?
  • What can you do to engage and understand digital innovation at the workplace?

Denis Rousseau, Leader employee experience, modern workplace and AI, National Bank of Canada

9:30 AM

Panel Discussion: Employee Engagement & The Digital Workplace

  • What a formal engagement strategy can do for your organization
  • How employee engagement hinges on the human side of the digital transformation
  • Why the best-in-class organizations are measuring engagement at every phase of the employee journey
  • How to get employees more likely to commit to their jobs if they are challenged by their work, compared to having a competitive salary
  • Looking at the ROI of investing in employee engagement.

Chris Mullen, Director of Strategic Advisory, Kronos Canada
Mark Lang, Head of Human Resources, Big Viking Games
Jodi Marner, Human Resources and Employee Experience, Gore Mutual Insurance
Ozair Shaiq, Change Mgmt, Consultant, Manulife
Ruth-Anne Boyd,Senior Manager, Change Management & Communications, Commercial Banking, Scotiabank


10:10 AM

Keynote: How to build a Digital Workplace that increases employee engagement and activates new ways of collaborating


Please Join Finning and Beezy for an informative Q&A session as we discuss how to lay the groundwork for success, troubleshoot hotspots along the way, and shift to a digital workplace – globally.

This session will address the following key questions:

  • How to streamline news publishing for a global audience and get people out of email
  • How to deliver an intuitive and personalized information architecture
  • How to accelerate employee engagement and adoption
  • How to take an MVP approach, gather feedback, and define a product roadmap that delivers business value

Duncan Smith, Director Enterprise & Partner Sales, Beezy
Zaid Choudhary, Global Communication & Collaboration Manager, Finning International

10:40AM Networking Break
11:10 AM Break Out Into Vault Tracks

Track: Engagement, Communication & HR

11:10AM Panel: Understanding how HR should operate in the Future Workplace

  • Kristina Holle, HR Business Leader, Canada & GSC Engineering and Maintenance at Gap Inc.
  • Jodi Marner, Human Resources and Employee Experience at Gore Mutual Insurance
  • Mohammed Chahdi, Director, Global Human Resources at Dell Technologies








Digital Workplace & Technology



Panel: Future Workforce: Defining the digital enterprise leader

  • Denny Kuruvilla, Head of Mobile, WestJet
  • Thomas Wardman,Vice President, Digital Transformation & Chief Information Officer, The Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Ruth-Anne Boyd,Senior Manager, Change Management & Communications, Commercial Banking, Scotiabank

Future Office Space



11:10 AM Presentation: The Future Office of tomorrow

Tracey DeLeeuw, Investor, FutureLand Now

















Track: Engagement, Communication & HR

11:40 AM
Panel: Putting the human at the heart of the Digital Workplace

Diana Valler, VP Human Resources, Red Label Vacations
Christine Cole, Director and Product Suite Owner, Digital Workplace, Allstate Insurance Canada













Digital Workplace & Technology

11:40 AM
Using Technology to Engage a Distributed Workforce

  1. Identifying the needs of the deskless workers
  2. Common use cases
  3. Technological enablers and how CYCL Condense by LiveTiles can help

David Salter, Director Technology Solutions, LiveTiles













Future Office Space




Panel: Collaboration: Design of your office space vs having the right people sharing the space with each other

Yasmien Fadl AVP, Head of Workplace Design & Experience, Enterprise Real Estate TD
Tracey DeLeeuw, Investor, FutureLand Now
Christine Weber,Vice President, Workplace Strategy & Innovation, Colliers International 

Track: Engagement, Communication & HR


12:10 PM
Developing and Sustaining Employee Engagement

John Moore, President, Venngo




Digital Workplace & Technology


12:10 PM

Exploring new digital tools that are dramatically changing our screen time





Future Office Space



12:10 PM Presentation:
Creating Shared Environments For Agile Development Teams

Colleen Baldwin, Global Design Director, Scotiabank


2:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Here, There And Everywhere: Using Technology To Engage A Distributed Workforce

  • What apps and tools are available to help engage a distributed or mobile workforce?
  • How do employers encourage mobile employees to engage with tech initiatives? Challenges across demographics
  • Creating a sense of loyalty and purpose in dispersed employees Developing leaders who understand the Future of Work

Pankaj Arora, VP Transformation, CIBC
Denis Rousseau, Leader employee experience, modern workplace and AI, National Bank of Canada
Thea Preston, Digital Strategy & Intranet Manager, Walmart Canada

2:40 PM

Keynote: Planning Your Digital Workplace

  • How to create a sustainable digital workplace strategy.
  • Ways to incorporate employee and stakeholder perspectives.
  • How to take a cross functional approach.

David Salter, Director Technology Solutions, LiveTiles

3:10 PM

Keynote: The Evolution of Employee Voice - 2020 Trends

As organizations enter a new decade, methods that have made them successful in prior decades will no longer be adequate in today’s rapidly changing workforce. When it comes to understanding the sentiment of employees with the goal of improving the employee experience, Employee Voice strategies are dramatically shifting.  This session will discuss:

  • Why focusing on a better Employee Voice strategy is important
  • The evolution of Employee Voice, and why certain methods are outdated and no longer adequate on their own
  • Proven effective methods and practical solutions to supporting a inspirational future of Employee Voice

Rob Catalano, Chief Engagement Officer, WorkTango

3:20 PM

Keynote: Understanding the Moments That Matter: How HCM technology can optimize the employee experience

  • Each organization is going to be a bit different, but employees, managers and executives all need basically the same thing.
  • Employees need technology that helps them work their way, and resembles the technology they use outside of work. Managers are looking for critical business information that can help them make split-decisions to improve productivity, control costs and keep their staff motivated. Executives are looking for visibility into their entire organization and want to quickly understand what’s happening.
  • How easy do we make it for that to happen? 
  • Chris Mullen breaks it down into the moments that matter in any employee’s journey: the moments that occur daily, monthly, annually, or even only once.
  • An interactive session where example pain points (or yours) are brought to life and real-life solutions are revealed

Chris Mullen, Director of Strategic Advisory, Kronos Canada


4:20 PM Return to VAULT TRACKS

4:20 PM

Panel Discussion: Fusing The Digital And Physical Workplace


  • Understanding the importance of design, how shaping the way we design and use successful physical workplaces can impact your organisation.
  • Explore how organisational culture and structure support flexible and collaborative working and overall employee experience.
  • The rise of remote workers and the impact on organisations.
  • Looking at what technology is available to support flexible and collaborative working.

Richard Judge, Human Resources Director, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Yasmien Fadl, AVP, Head of Workplace Design & Experience, Enterprise Real Estate, TD

5:00 PM

Keynote: How to Address the Workforce Skills Gap


  • How to create learning culture within your organization
  • Find out how to build top talent from within, improve retention rates and develop strong leaders.
  • How to track how your learning program affects specific business outcomes such as employee productivity, retention and time to promotion

Mark Healy, Executive Director, The Ivey Academy at Ivey Business School

5:30 PM

Chairs Closing Remarks

Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Associate Partner, Talent & Transformation, IBM


5:45 pm

6:45 PM