The Agenda

10:00 AM

Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting Group


10:15 AM

Keynote: Technology Adoption Done Right

In today’s technophile society it’s expected that people have the skillset to quickly adopt new
technology. However, this is rarely the case. Are you prepared for resistance to change and the
frustration employees can experience when incorporating a new tool into their daily work-life?
If you’re exploring how your workforce can increase adoption, generate excitement and embrace
new technology - then this is the session for you.

Aaron Hudson, Division Vice-President, Implementation, ADP Canada

10:50 AM

Keynote: Post COVID-19: The Office Of The Future

  • The need to reassess your workspace, with examples of changes currently being asked for and already implemented.
  • Important tools for advising your reintegration strategy and the resulting data that helps define your path forward.
  • How to get back to consistent workplace operation by monitoring and assessing changing employee needs.
  • Key considerations for your future space strategy and how to implement them.
  • The workplace’s role in business performance and why it’s here to stay.

Tracey DeLeeuw, CDO, FutureLand Now

11:25 AM

Keynote: Does work from home work?

  • Preparing the Workplace for Returning Employees
  • How to create a well-developed return to work plan will allow companies to safely and successfully bring employees back to the workplace and adapt to evolving guidance and regulatory requirements.
  • Driving transformation based on the lessons learned through the COVID-19 crisis into a reimagining of work for the future.

Beverly Horii, Managing Director | Principal at IA Interior Architects

12:00 PM

Coffee Break


12:15 PM

Keynote: Turning Culture Inside Out: The two sides of culture required to power your people and future proof your business in a rapidly changing world

  • What culture is and why it is the critical factor in future-proofing your business.
  • Why not all cultures are created equal.
  • The two key elements your culture must be built on for your business to thrive in the current and future environment where change, uncertainty and disruption are the norm, rather than the exception.
  • What the pandemic is showing us about our leadership gaps and what to do about it.

Andrea Jacques, Workplace Transformation Expert, Kyosei Consulting


12:45 PM

Keynote: Workplace of the Future – Suncor’s Journey in Creating an Adaptive Workplace Strategy

Elizabeth Burton, Director, Office Workspace, Workplace Transformation, Suncor


1:15 PM

End of Conference