The Agenda

10:00 AM

Chair's Welcome & Opening Remarks

Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting Group

10:15 AM

Keynote: Future of Work: Ways of working in uncertain times

Julie Major G, Lead, HR Technology & Projects, Shopify

10:50 AM

Panel Discussion: Navigating The New Normal: Addressing Employee Experience

  • Recognizing the importance of human connection and finding ways to facilitate continued collaboration and social interaction.
  • Helping employees regain a sense of control and help them be productive – even as new distractions make focus difficult.
  • How to ensure that technology operates smoothly and that the right tools are available to help employees get the job done in new ways.
  • Moderator: Scott deVeber, Digital Workplace Consultant, Habanero Consulting Group
  • Jodi Marner, Human Resources and Employee Experience, Gore Mutual Insurance
  • Ozair Shaiq, Global, Change management & Program Integration, Manulife
  • Kristina Holle, CHRE, HR Business Leader, Canada & GSC Engineering and Maintenance, Gap Inc.
  • Diana Valler, Vice President HR, Red Label Vacations

11:30 AM

Keynote: The unprecedented role of technology in overcoming today’s challenges

Organizations are responding in many ways to the impact of COVID-19. One of the most critical
components of those efforts is workforce safety and business continuity. This presentation will focus on
how technology can help address both today’s challenges and future crisis situations to:

  • Protect both your business and workers.
  • Communicate effectively and frequently and concisely with employees.
  • Plan and execute to dynamically adapt your workforce to the changing needs of the business
  • Comply with local, provincial and national regulations, while following your new safety, onsite capacity rules.

Malysa O’Connor, Principal, Industry Marketing, Kronos


12:00 PM

Coffee Break


12:15 PM

Keynote: Five essential capabilities for communicating with the firstline

  • What business in the new normal looks like for leaders and firstline alike
  • The needs of the firstline and distributed workforces, along with the ongoing struggle of making sure you’re not just communication noise
  • The must-have tech tools to support teams regardless of location and how other organizations are leveraging them for success
  • Ways you can personalize communications and wellness initiatives to keep everyone in the loop with company news and initiatives long term.

David Salter, Director Technology Solutions, LiveTiles

John Wesley, Sr. Solutions Specialist, LiveTiles

12:45 PM

Keynote: Practical workforce strategies that put your people first

  • Understanding the three deeply connected dimensions of an organization during unprecedented times: work (the what),workforce (the who), and workplace (the where).
  • Learn how COVID-19 may fundamentally challenge your culture, how you distribute work and deploy your workforce, and how you engage your people. but longer term- Present an opportunity to think about how you elevate communications, create a more resilient workforce, and build more focus on health and well-being.

Silvia Fraser, Director, Transformation, Workplace Strategies, ModernTO at City of Toronto

1:15 PM

End of day two